Who am I ?

Dear beer lovers,

My name is Claire and I was born in the cold of Northern France (Winter is HERE). The desire to travel came from my earliest childhood. My parents were teachers, we had more than two months of holidays per year, we travelled all over Europe … What better to ask! Since then, the travel virus has not left me and continues to push me even further. I travelled 18 months in 2013: a trek to the Annapurna, ziplining in the heart of the Bokeo forest, playing with the children in the rice fields, riding a motorcycle in Vietnam …

My second passion in life, as you’ve understood, is beer. And yes, I’m not a “Ch’ti” for nothing. And Belgium is not very far ! Whenever I discover a new country, I have the unfortunate habit of tasting the beer selection offered and asking locals for the name of their favorite local beer. What better way to travel than to exchange good tips over a beer?

I then told myself that it might be a good idea to share these two passions in a blog. Both bind the useful to the pleasant. Here, we are never jealous. We love blondes, brunettes, redheads and even triples 😉

Beer makes me travel. Thanks to it, I discover places, activities and wonderful people who were not necessarily on my travel itinerary. But next to any brewery, you never know what you will fall on!

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