Located not too far from the city of Couvin in Wallonia, Brewery des Fagnes is celebrating its 20th birthday this year.

The Brewery

Cuves de garde - Brasserie des Fagnes - www.labierebaladeuse.com

Visit open to the public

At the entrance, on the left, is the actual brewery open to the public.

You could get at the bar a fresh beer coming from the 1000 liter conditioning tank. There are pipes that directly link those ones to the taps.

150 years of Beer History

On the right is the museum. It includes tools and brewing tanks from the Degauquier Brewery of 1858

Voiture de livraison - Brasserie des Fagnes - www.labierebaladeuse.com

Which Beer ?

I tried 3 of them :

La Triple des Fagnes - Brasserie des Fagnes - www.labierebaladeuse.com

The Triple (9%)

It is my favorite ! This beer has a subtle banana fruity taste. The flavors are even more evident when coming from a beer bottle than from the taps.

Cuvée Constant - La Brasserie des Fagnes - www.labierebaladeuse.com

Cuvée Constant (8%)

This dark beer refermented in bottle has caramel and coffee aromas. Beer addict who love special beer will love it !

Cuvée Junior - Brasserie des Fagnes - www.labierebaladeuse.com

Cuvée Junior (0,5%)

Frédéric Adant, brewery manager, really try to promote authenticity and tradition in his brewery. That’s why you would never find any coke or other soft drinks from the consumer industry.
This beer was originally created for children. But, when the weather is welcoming, grown-ups will really appreciate it ! It tastes like coke and caramel.

There are more beers to add to the list : Blond (7,5%) previously named “Super Fagne”, Dark (7,5%), “Griotte” (4,8%) brewed with 7% fresh cherry juice and Chevretogne (6,2%)

Depending on the season, there are some other beers brewed with different fresh fruits.

Local products

On the restaurant menu, you will only find products coming from local producers.

useful information

Brasserie des Fagnes - www.labierebaladeuse.com

Opening time :
From Tuesday to Thursday, open from 11am to 8pm
From Friday to Sunday, open from 11 am to 10pm

Adress :
26 route de Nismes, B 5660 Mariembourg (Couvin)

email :

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