To reach the Picardennes Brewery, the best choice is to take the cycle path 30 from Amiens to Corbie and enjoy the landscapes of the Somme Valley.

the steps

V30 - Véloroute Vallée de Somme : Amiens - Corbie
V30 - Véloroute Vallée de Somme : Amiens - Corbie

VisitSomme has created on Google Maps the official itinerary of the V30 Somme Valley Cycle Route between Amiens and Corbie. On it, you will find the steps as well as its main tourist attractions. It is 19 km long (1 hour trip). It took me 2 hours to do it when taking my time.

First step - From Amiens to Camon

I leave Amiens in the morning to go to Corbie. Just out of the city center, I find myself in the middle of some king of “countryside”. The towpath along the Somme river makes me discover the Hortillonnages or floating market gardens still cultivated to this day. Boat tours are available at different period through the year.

On the way, I meet many runners and cyclists. They are right. If it was me, I would do the same. The setting is beautiful for practising sport along the river. And if the sun is shining like today, the journey is even more enjoyable.

Second step - From Camon to Lamotte-Brebière

The second section begin outside the towpath on a cycle route across the road. Only fishermen are allowed on this part near the river. It is easy to find the deviation. The course is well signposted.

I find my way back to the river at the old lock house of Lamotte-Brebière. It is now a cafe. The landscape is perfect for a break or a picnic.

Final step - from Lamotte-Brebière to Corbie

It’s the last step of my journey. I continue to cycle along the towpath safely inbetween ponds and river. However, once I arrive in Aubigny, a new fishing area is along the way. I have to make a small detour into the village to get back near the Somme river.

In Corbie, do not miss the visit of St Pieter Abbey and of course the Picardennes Brewery. After all these efforts, let’s have a drink !

The Brewery

Laurent does me the honor to present his brewery and beers. The Picardennes brewery exists since 2012.
Are you wondering why he chose this funny name ?
It refers to the journey the two creators have made to achieve their dreams. Christophe is from the Picardie region and Laurent has spent 20 years living in the Ardennes. Their brand of beers is called Mascot. Not less than 1000 hectoliters are brewed a year.

To be part of our planet preservation, the brewery is designed to save water. A tank of 10 ice water hectoliters is in place to cool the wort to 24°C before transfering it to the fermentation tanks. This genius idea is a simple alternative to using the water from the network.

The Beers

The mascot comes in 6 traditional beers: white (5%), blonde (5.5%), amber (5.5%), black (6%), double (7.5%) and triple (9%) .

Depending on the season and the time of the year, other beers are brewed like the Winter Mascot and the Spring Mascot.

I am normally not very fond of amber beer, often too strong for my taste. But Laurent proves to me that I am wrong. When trying its Amber Mascot, I am pleasantly surprised. This beer is light and refreshing. Nice beverage for the sunny days ahead !

Where can I buy the Mascot

Dégustation de la Mascotte Ambrée - Brasserie Picardennes

Adress : 29 rue Jules Lardiere , Bat E , 80800 Corbie

Phone :

Email :

 Open Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 7pm.

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Useful Information

Corbie - Somme

Bike renting

At the Amiens train station :

3€ a day for a city bike

8€ for an electric bike (very useful for a long journey and even more when coming back from a brewery).

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where to eat in corbie?

La Table d’Agathe
6 rue Jean et Marcellin Turquin
Phone : 0322969627

La Caroline
6 rue Roger Salengro
Phone : 03 22 48 01 51

9 Place Jean Catelas
Phone : 03 22 48 40 48


In Corbie :



La Caroline


In Amiens :

Show me the list

This Blogtrip is a partnership with Go Somme (un big THANKS for their help and their welcome).

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