When I was on the Long Distance hiking trail (GR) of the Trappist Abbeys in Wallonia, I stopped at Brewery des Fagnes. It was a really nice discovery and I fell in love with its Fagnes Triple Beer.

La Triple des Fagnes - Brasserie des Fagnes - www.labierebaladeuse.com

Fagnes Triple 9% Alc. Vol.

This beer has a nice copper colour. It is the first time that I try a Triple beer with such a fruity taste of banana. It is a bit hard to feel it when drinking it from the taps. It’s better to try it from the bottle. The flavours will be even more intense.

It is mainly composed of water, malt, Czech and German hops, spices (coriander, orange peels and licorice) and high fermentation yeast (its formula was created and developed by the brewery in a laboratory). Finally, yeast and sugar are added to allow a refermentation in the bottle.

There is no preservative or chemical. Unpasteurized, it is recommended to drink it within 24 months.

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